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Complete NEW Powerpoints for textbook!

Hello, World Music Instructors and Students!

I’m happy to share the following Powerpoint lecture notes for World Music: Traditions and Transformations, 2nd ed., which I created for my own Music in World Cultures class at Florida State University this past summer. Feel free to borrow/adapt as you see fit. Let me know if you find errors, glitches, etc., and I’ll fix them. Cheers, and best of luck with the new  semester!

Ch. 01–What is music

Ch. 02–How Music Lives

Ch. 03-06–How Music Works

Ch. 07–Indonesian Gamelan Music

Ch. 08–Indian Music

Ch. 09–Irish Music

Ch. 10–West African Musics

Ch. 11–Latin American Music

Ch. 12–Middle East

Ch. 13–Chinese Music