Quiz Questions Answer Key

Chapter Five

1. When we speak about dynamics in music we are referring to music’s levels of
a. amplitude

2. Decrescendo describes a tone that
b. gradually gets softer
3. _______ is the character or quality of a musical tone.
a. Timbre

4. Instruments that are not amplified electronically are
c. acoustic

5. Every tone is actually comprised of multiple pitches called partials or ___________.
b. harmonics

6. When we learn that a particular piece of music uses an ensemble consisting of three singers, a violinist, and a guitarist, we have learned about its ___________ .
a. instrumentation

7. The classification system of instruments based on “-phones” was created by
c. two musicologists named Hornbostel and Sachs

8. A drum is classified as
c. a membranophone

9. A piano is classified as
a. a chordophone

10. An instrument in which the vibration of the body of the instrument itself produces the sound is
d. an idiophone

11. The didgeridoo is classified as
b. an aerophone

12. An electric guitar is best classified as a
c. hybrid electronophone

13. Digital samplers are classified as
a. sound generators

14. Differences in ________ allow us to distinguish between vocal tones, trumpet tones, and flute tones.
c. timbre

15. An instrument in which the sound is activated by the vibration of strings over a resonating chamber is
b. a chordophone

16. The multitrack recording process of layering many separate musical tracks is called
b. overdubbing