Quiz Questions Answer Key

Chapter Nine

1. Which of the following are true of Northern Ireland?
b. Protestant majority; part of the United Kingdom

2. The main impetus for the Irish diaspora was
c. the Irish potato famine

3. Which of the following spurred the Irish music revival of the 1960s?
d. all of the above

4. Sean nós are
a. songs sung in Irish Gaelic

5. Rolls, crans, trebles and cuts are
d. ornaments

6. The most common context for traditional Irish dance tune and medley performances today is
b. the Irish music session

7. At Irish rural social gatherings prior to 1920,
a. dance tunes were almost always played to accompany dancing

8. Which of the following is NOT an aerophone commonly used in Irish music
b. hornpipe

9. The most common form for Irish instrumental dance tunes is

10. Common features of different Celtic music traditions include
d. all of the above

11. On the uilleann pipes, the main melody is played on the
c. chanter

12. Which of the following is NOT a rhythm commonly used in Irish dance tunes?
c. sean nós

13. On the uilleann pipes, the regulators are used to
d. play chords

14. One of the most important early figures in the preservation, cultivation, and dissemination of Irish traditional music was
a. Seamus Ennis

15. Which of the following influenced the development of a pan-Irish approach to Irish traditional music?
d. B and C, but not A

16. Fleadhs are
a. competitions

17. As a result of the Irish music revival of the 1960s, traditional music
a. was increasingly performed by professional touring groups

18. A bodhrán is
a. a type of drum

19. Which of the following Irish music groups emerged from the pioneering ensemble Ceoltóirí Cualann in the 1960s and continues to be a guiding force in the tradition and transformation of Irish music still today?
b. The Chieftains

20. Which of the following is characteristic of the post-1970s, modern ensemble style of Irish music?
d. all of the above

21. The music of the group Altan can be distinguished from the more traditional music of Seamus Ennis because Altan’s music
b. is more controlled and planned out

22. The music of Eileen Ivers represents
b. a broad and eclectic range of musical styles

23. Sean Ó’Riada’s contributions to the transformation and modernization of Irish music did NOT include
d. the re-introduction of the fiddle into Irish music