Quiz Questions Answer Key

Chapter One

1. The basic property of all music is
a. sound

2. A tone possesses
d. all of the above

3. Sounds that have the potential to be music are
a. any and all sounds

4. Music is
b. a human phenomenon

5. The two basic processes involved in determining what is and what is not music are
d. intention and perception

6. The HIP (human intention and perception) approach emphasizes
d. B and C, but not A

7. The term “music”
d. A and B, but not C

8. A tone
a. is a sound whose principal identity is defined (by people) as a musical identity

9. Qur’anic recitation
b. is not music from orthodox Muslim perspectives, but does exhibit qualities (e.g., melodic, rhythmic) that make it sound musical to non-Muslims

10. The best way to figure out whether something is or is not music is to
c. determine whether there are people who intended it to be music or who perceive it as music