Quiz Questions Answer Key

Chapter Seven

1. __________ is the generic term for mainly percussion-based ensembles of Bali, Java, and other islands of Indonesia.
a. Gamelan

2. Balinese Hinduism is a blend of Hinduism and
d. B and C, but not A

3. The indigenous peoples of Bali who do not practice Hinduism are known as the __________, meaning “original Balinese.”

b. Bali Aga

4. Central Javanese court gamelan and Balinese gamelan gong kebyar are similar because
d. A and B, but not C

5. The “shimmering” quality of the instruments in gamelan gong kebyar is due to
c. paired tuning of instruments

6. The kilitan telu interlocking rhythms in Balinese gamelan are described in the chapter as being symbolic of
b. Balinese cultural values of communal interdependence

7. The Balinese dance-drama Kecak
d. all of the above

8. The root foundation of beleganjur music is a gong cycle
a. of eight beats called gilak

9. The function of the gamelan beleganjur in cremation rituals is
a. to intimidate and drive away evil spirits

10. In the Balinese caste system, 90 percent of Balinese belong to the ___________ caste.
d. commoner

11. The word banjar refers to
c. a Balinese neighborhood organization

12. Which instruments “direct” gamelan ensembles by signaling changes in tempo and cueing new musical sections?
b. drums

13. In cremation ceremonies, beleganjur music is used as a “weapon”
a. to intimidate and drive away evil spirits such as bhutas and leyaks

14. Whenever a Balinese funeral procession reaches a crossroad
b. the beleganjur music increases in volume and intensity

15. The contest musical style called kreasi beleganjur become popular in
d. the mid-1980s

16. The main goal of a group competing in a beleganjur contest (lomba beleganjur) is
d. to impress the judges and audience by balancing tradition and innovation within the context of a virtuosic performance medium

17. Choreographed sequences in kreasi beleganjur compositions are called _________.
b. gerak

18. Kreasi beleganjur places a high value on
d. all of the above

19. The kreasi beleganjur composer I Ketut Suandita is well known for
d. all of the above

20. The first well-known Western composer to become fascinated with gamelan music was
a. Claude Debussy

21. I Wayan Balawan is famous for his skills as
d. an electric guitarist

22. The piece “B.A.Ph.Pet”
c. features a hip-hop DJ performing as the scratch turntable soloist in a context that also uses Balinese gamelan and other instruments