Quiz Questions Answer Key

Chapter Six

1._____ is the element of music that pertains to the large-scale dimensions of musical organization.
a. Form
2. _____ is the element of music that pertains to how the different vocal and/or instrumental parts in a piece of music relate to one another.
b. Texture

3. The term monophonic refers to
a. single-line textures

4. _______ describes music in which two or more distinct parts are performed simultaneously.
c. Polyphony

5. Descriptions of drumming-based music of West Africa as polyrhythmic
c. are controversial, since there are both ethnomusicologists and West African musicians who contend that the term does not accurately account for the music’s texture

6. One of the simplest types of polyphonic textures is
a. a melody accompanied by a drone

7. Harmonized textures occur when
c. notes of different pitch occur together to form chords on the successive notes of a melody

8. Javanese gamelan music prominently features _____________ textures.
a. multiple-melody

9. The many layers of sound in West African drum ensemble music are often described as exhibiting a _________ texture.
c. polyrhythmic

10. When a single melodic or rhythmic line is divided note by note between two or more performers this is called
b. interlocking

11. Call-and-response is
a. a back-and-forth alternation between different parts

12. __________ textures are created when two or more short, repeated figures are “stacked” one atop the other.
b. Layered ostinato

13. The 12-bar blues is best described as a _________ form.
c. cyclic

14. Verse-chorus form
a. is one of the most popular musical forms in many cultures

15. When several musicians perform the same sequence of pitches in the same rhythm it is called
a. unison

16. A short figure repeated over and over again is called
a. an ostinato