Spotify Music Playlist and YouTube Videos

Chapter 11 Spotify Playlist 

The table below lists, in order, all of the audio selections included on the Spotify Music Playlist for this chapter. It additionally includes cross-references to both page numbers in the textbook and slide numbers for PowerPoint lectures included in the Instructor’s Edition (not Student Edition) of the Online Learning Center, as well as links to complementary videos relating to the various playlist (PL) audio selections. Please note that the timelines and descriptions of specific musical selections included in the text pertain onlyto the audio tracks on the Spotify Playlist and not to the complementary videos. In other words, the textbook is directly tied to the Spotify audio tracks, but not to the complementary videos, which should be regarded as supplementary resources to the Spotify Playlist tracks.  

Pages  Track Titles Spotify  Playlist Numbers Power Point  Slides Complementary Videos Relating to Spotify Audio Tracks 
237 Bruno Ribas, “O Brasil de la Mancha” (samba enrodo)  11-1  Samba-enredo, Carnaval, Rio de Janeiro 
237 Jacaré Brazil (University of Florida), “Evolução de Samba”  11-2  Batucada 
237 Jacob do Bandolim, “Cristal” (choro)  11-3  Contemporary performance of “Cristal” (starts 0:57) 
   Danilo Brito: NPR Tiny Desk Concert (choro)   
239 Stan Getz and João Gilberto, “The Girl from Ipanema”  11-4  Live performance (1964)  
239 Paul Desmond Quartet, “Wave”   11-5   Desmond Quartet plays “Black Orpheus”  
238 Phase II Pan Groove, “Fire Down Below”  11-6  Live performance (Toronto) 
238   Massy Trinidad All Stars, live performance at Panorama competition, Trinidad  
239 Lord Kitchener, “My Wife’s Nightie” (calypso)  11-7  Lord Kitchener performing “Turn Back the Clock”  
239 Fay-Ann Lyons, “Everybody Joli” (soca)  11-8 Lyons, “Block the Road” (music video)  
239 Sundar Popo, “Kaha Man Maar” (chutney)  11-9  Popo, “Daroo Daroo” (music video)  
240 Caetano Veloso, “Alegria, Alegria” 11-10  11 Live performance  
240 Gilberto Gil, “Aquele Abraço” 11-11  11 Live performance 
241 Caetano Veloso and Os Mutantes, “É Proibido Proibir” 11-12  11 Slide show  
241 Os Mutantes, “A Minha Menina”  11-13   13 Live performance 
241 Os Mutantes, “Panis et Circenses”  11-14   13 Live performance 
241 Jorge Ben, “Mas Que Nada”  11-15   13 Live performance 
242 Sergio Mendes and the Black Eyed Peas, “Mas Que Nada”  11-16   13 Live performance  
242 Capoeira Luanda, “Capoeria Cade Você” (berimbau)   11-17    13 Capoeira (with berimbaus accompanying)  
242 Gilberto Gil, “Domingo no Parque”  11-18   13 Live performance (music starts at 2:40) 
242 A. R. Rahman, “Barso Re”  11-19   13 Music video  
242 Atahualpa Yupanqui, “Milonga del Solitario”  11-20   14 Mayte Martín sings “Milonga del Solitario”   
242 Carlos Gardel, “Volver”  11-21  14 Classic film performance 
   14 Rudolph Valentino dances the tango in the movie Four Horseman of the Apocalypse (1926) 
243 Astor Piazzolla, “Zum”  11-22   15 Astor Piazzolla, “Whiskey” (nuevo tango) 
   15 Astor Piazzolla’s “Libertango,” performed by Yo-Yo Ma and ensemble  
   15 “Libertango,” performed by the Moscow Philharmonic with professional tango dancers 
244 Hugo Diaz, “Fueye”   11-23   16 Tango dance competition, Montevideo, Uruguay 
245 Aymara folk musicians of Bolivia, “Kacharpaya”  11-24   17 Julajula panpipes, Fiesta de Chutillos, Bolivia  
246 Alpamayo, “Sikuri de Despedida” 11-25  18 Andean folkoric music 
247 Los Incas, “El Condor Pasa”  11-26  18  
247 Simon and Garfunkel and Los Incas, “El Condor Pasa (If I Could)”  11-27   18 Live performance 
247 Los Jairas, “El Iman de Tus Ojos (Huayno-Sieu)”  11-28  18 Live performance (1965) 
247 Mariachi Sol, “Cielito Lindo”  11-29   19 Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlan, “Fiesta Ranchera,” live performance 
249 Los Panchos, “La Negra” (son jaliscience)   11-30    19 Live dance performance  
250 Mariachi Los Camperos de Nati Cano, “El Gustito” 11-31  19 Performing “Popurri” live 
250 Linda Ronstadt, “La Calandria (The Lark)”  11-32   19 Ronstadt with Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan, “La Rielera”  
252 Candido Martinez, “Song for Obatalá” 11-33  20 Orisha ritual music 
252 Grupo Afrocuba, “Las Leyendas de Grecia” (rumba guaguancó)   11-34   20 Rumba guaguancó dance demo with live percussion 
253 Arsenio Rodríguez, “El Reloj de Pastora”  11-35   22 Arsenio Rodriguez and his orchestra (slide show)  
254 Arcaño y Sus Maravillas, “Mambo”  11-36  22 Arcaño y Sus Maravillas, “Ritmo Alegre” (slide show) 
254 Enrique Jorrin, “La Engañadora”  11-37   23 Compay Segundo, “La Engañadora,” live performance 
256 Pérez Prado, “Mambo No. 5”   11-38   25 Live performance  
256 Lou Bega, “Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit of…)” 11-39 25 Music video 
256   25 Tito Puente, “Mambo Gozon” 
256   25 Tito Rodriguez, “Mambo Madness” 
258 Machito, “Sambia”  11-40  25 Machito and Graciela in Japan, pt. 1 
259 Xavier Cugat, “Amapola”  11-41  26 Xavier Cugat, “She’s a Bombshell from Brooklyn” (film clip) 
259 Desi Arnaz, “Babalú” 11-42  26 Live performance 
259 Arsenio Rodríguez, “Errante y Bohemio (Son Montuno)” 11-43 26 Rodríguez, “Papaupa” (son montuno) 
260 Tito Puente, “Ran Kan Kan”  11-44 28 Live performance 
   28 Chano Pozo with Dizzy Gillespie, “Manteca” 
   28 Mongo Santamaria, “Afro Blue” 
   28 Ray Barretto, “El Watusi” (boogaloo)   
260 Tito Puente, “Oye Como Va”  11-45  29-30 Live performance 
263 Santana, “Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen 11-46  32 Live performance 
264 Ritchie Valens, “La Bamba”   11-47    31 Original recording with slide show of photos from Valens live shows  
264 Miles Davis (with John Coltrane), “Two Bass Hit”  11-48  31 Live performance of “So What” 
264 Muddy Waters, “I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man”  11-49  31 Live performance  
264 Janis Joplin, “Piece of My Heart”  11-50  31 Live performance 
264 Jimi Hendrix, “Little Wing”  11-51  31 Jimi Hendrix, “Purple Haze,” live performance 
264 Sly and the Family Stone, “I Want to Take You Higher”  11-52  31 Live performance 
265 Santana, “Evil Ways”  11-53  31 Performance at Woodstock, 1969 
265 Willie Bobo, “Evil Ways”  11-54  31 Ringo Starr cover of “Evil Ways”  
266 Santana, “Oye Como Va”  11-55  36 Live performance 
270 Eddie Palmieri, “Azucar” 11-56 38 Live performance 
270 Johnny Pacheco, “La Esencia de Guaguancó” 11-57 38 Live performance 
270 Ray Barretto, “Indestructible” 11-58 38 Slide show 
270 Willie Colón, “Idilio” 11-59 38 Live performance 
270 Mongo Santamaría, “Vengan Pollos”  11-60 38 Mongo Santamaría concert in Berlin 
270 Celia Cruz with the Fania All Stars, “Bamboleo”   11-61   38 Celia Cruz, “Bamboleo,” with Poncho Sanchez  
   38 Celia Cruz and Tito Puente, “Qimbara” 
271 Francisco Aguabella, “Nena”  11-62  40 Francisco Aguabella Latin Jazz Band, “Yesterdays”  
   40 Aguabella with Eddie Palmieri  
271 Tito Puente, “Obatala Yeza” (from Top Percussion11-63 40 Tito Puente and Giovanni Hidalgo “drum battle”  
273 Rubén Blades, “Pedro Navaja”  11-64  38 Music video 
   38 Rubén Blades, “Cuentas del Alma” 
   39 Dizzy Gillespie live, with Giovanni Hidalgo, congas, “Manteca” 
   39 Tito Puente, “Take Five” 
   39 Eddie Palmieri, “De Palo Pa´Rumba” 
   39 Irakere, “Ilya” 
   39 Poncho Sanchez, “A Night in Tunisia” (by Dizzy Gillespie)  
   39 Rebeca Mauleon and Afro Kuban Fusion, live in San Francisco 
275 Tito Puente Jr., “Oye Como Va”  11-65  41 Live performance 
275 La India, “Mi Mayor Venganza”  11-66   Music video 
278 Tito Puente Jr., “Mambo Gozón” 11-67 43 Live performance 
278 Big 3 Palladium Orchestra, “Palladium Days” 11-68 43 Live performance, “Sunny Ray”