Spotify Music Playlist and YouTube Videos

Chapter 13 Spotify Playlist

The table below lists, in order, all of the audio selections included on the Spotify Music Playlist for this chapter. It additionally includes cross-references to both page numbers in the textbook and slide numbers for PowerPoint lectures included in the Instructor’s Edition (not Student Edition) of the Online Learning Center, as well as links to complementary videos relating to the various playlist (PL) audio selections. Please note that the timelines and descriptions of specific musical selections included in the text pertain only to the audio tracks on the Spotify Playlist and not to the complementary videos. In other words, the textbook is directly tied to the Spotify audio tracks, but not to the complementary videos, which should be regarded as supplementary resources to the Spotify Playlist tracks.

Pages Track Title Spotify Playlist Number Power Point Slide Complementary Videos Relating to Spotify Audio Tracks
328     2 Haiqiong Deng
329     3 China (time-lapse video)  
329 Henry Raymond Jr., “Lesson 2—Basic phrases” (Mandarin Chinese language instruction) 13-1 3 Learn Chinese with Emma
331 Satomi Saeki (koto), “Isuzugawa (The Holy River),” by Michio Miyagi 13-2 6 Koto
331 Korean Folk Music Ensemble, “Kayagum Pyongch’ang—Sae T’aryng” 13-3 6 Kayagum
331 Chinbat Baasankhuu (Mongolian yatga), “Khilen Khariin Khatiraa” 13-4 6 Yatga
331 Classical Quintet Ngu Tuyet (featuring Vietnamese dan tranh), “Zither Tranh” 13-5 6 Dan tranh
332 The Imperial Court Ensemble (gagaku), “Goshoraku No Kyu” (with koto) 13-6 8 Bugaku Kangen Sho
332 Junko Ueda, “Dan-no-ura” (biwa) 13-7 8 Biwa
333 Yamato Ensemble, “Mamanokawa” 13-8 9 Sankyoku (koto, shakuhachi, shamisen)
333 Monsters of Shamisen, “Kokiriko Bushi” 13-9 9 Shamisen vs. shamisen
333 The Kyoto Kabuki Orchestra, “Kagamijishi” 13-10 9 Kabuki (UNESCO mini-documentary)
333 Richard Stagg (shakuhachi), “Daha (The Beating of the Waves)” 13-11 9 Live performance by Tadashi Tajima
333 Curtis J. Patterson (koto), “Tori no Yo ni (Like a Bird)” 13-12 9 Michio Miyagi’s koto piece “Tegoto,” performed by Kaori Kimoto
334 Rin’, “AA170” 13-13 9 “Sakitama” (music video)
338 Lin Youren (qin), “Wild Geese Descending on the Sandbank” 13-14 12 Lin Youren playing and talking about the qin (w. subtitles)
      12 Martial arts fight scene from film Hero (with qin musical accompaniment)
339 Wu Man (pipa), “Bawang Xie Jia” 13-15 13 Wu Man (pipa): NPR Tiny Desk Concert
339 Deng Haiqiong (zheng) and Hou Yuehua (pipa), “The Moon Is High” 13-16 13 Live performance
      13 The Silk Road Ensemble, featuring Yo-Yo Ma and Wu Man
341 Peking Opera Stars, “Concubine Mei—Aria B” 13-17 15 UNESCO mini-documentary on Peking Opera
341 Revolutionary Chinese Opera, “Wishing Longevity to Old People and Happiness to the Whole Family in the New Year Celebration” (from The White Haired Girl) 13-18 15 Ballet Scene from The White Haired Girl
      15 Pop ballad with Peking Opera images (by Leehom Wang)
343 Deng Haiqiong, “Autumn Moon over the Han Palace” 13-19 17 Live performance (different performer)
346 Lou Shuhua, “Return of the Fishing Boats” (“Fisherman Singing at Dusk”) 13-20 18 Live performance by Xueying Guo
347 Chinese chorus, “There Is No New China without the Communist Party” 13-21 19 Slide show
347 Lu Xiuqin and Deng Haiqiong, “On the Golden Hill in Beijing” 13-22 19 TV show live performance
348 “Celebrating the Harvest” (“Celebrating a Year of Bumper Harvest”) (zheng solo) 13-23 20 Live performance by Li Fan
348 Fan Shang’e, “Spring on Snowy Mountain” 13-24 22 Live performance by Bei Bei He
349 “Fighting the Typhoon” (zheng solo) 13-25 21 Classic live performance by the composer, Wang Chang Yuan
350 Drepung Gomang Monks, Tibetan Buddhist Chant 13-26   Slide show of Tibetan Buddhist chant (cue to 1:00)
350 Amartuwshin Baasandorj, “Chandmani Nutag”— Mongolian khoomii 13-27   Live performance (cue to 7:24 – note: good recording but low volume)
350 Huun-Huur-Tu, “Karagyraa (v)” 13-28   Huun-Huur-Tu in concert (cue to 2:46)
352 Cui Jian, “Nothing to My Name” 13-29 23 Live performance
352 Cui Jian, “Fake Monk” 13-30 23 Live performance
352 Bei Bei He and Shawn Lee, “Hot Thursday” 13-31 23 Music video
353 Bei Bei He and Shawn Lee, “Year of the Funky” 13-32 23 Music video
354 Tan Dun, “Desert Capriccio” (featuring cellist Yo-Yo Ma) 13-33 26 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon fight scene, with music by Tan Dun
      26 Erhu fiddle
      26 Sheng mouth organ
356 Deng Haiqiong (zheng) and Quek Ling Kiong (dap), “Music from the Muqam” 13-34   UNESCO mini-documentary on Uighur muqam