Spotify Music Playlist and YouTube Videos

Chapter 4 Spotify Playlist

The table below lists, in order, all of the audio selections included on the Spotify Music Playlist for this chapter. It additionally includes cross-references to both page numbers in the textbook and slide numbers for PowerPoint lectures included in the Instructor’s Edition (not Student Edition) of the Online Learning Center, as well as links to complementary videos relating to the various playlist (PL) audio selections. Please note that the timelines and descriptions of specific musical selections included in the text pertain only to the audio tracks on the Spotify Playlist and not to the complementary videos. In other words, the textbook is directly tied to the Spotify audio tracks, but not to the complementary videos, which should be regarded as supplementary resources to the Spotify Playlist tracks.

Pages   Track Title Spotify Playlist Number Power Point Slide Complementary Videos Relating to Spotify Audio Tracks
49 Los Angeles Northern Singers, “Eagle Dance (Northern Arapaho)” PL 4-1 3 Northern Arapaho dancers in performance
51 Ravi Shankar, “Raga Nata Bhairav” (morning raga) PL 4-2 5 Live performance of the same raga featuring both sitar and bansuri
51 Rakesh Chaurasia (bansuri), “Raga Hemavati” (evening raga) PL 4-3 5 Raga performance by Rakesh Chaurasia (bansuri) and Zakir Hussain (tabla)  
51       ’Are’Are music
52 J. S. Bach, “Prelude” from The Well-Tempered Clavier (Sviatoslav Richter, piano) PL 4-4 7 Live performance by Josephine Yang
52 J. S. Bach, “Prelude” from The Well-Tempered Clavier (Utah Trombone Authority) PL 4-5   7  
53 Bobby McFerrin, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” PL4-6 8 Music video
53 Celtic Woman, “Danny Boy” PL 4-7 8 Live performance
54 Etta James, “In the Evening” PL 4-8 8 Slide show
54 (Insights and Perspectives box, “Modulation”)   11 Beyoncé, “Love On Top,” (note modulation at 1:44, right at the costume change)
55 Hossam Ramzy, “Zeina” PL 4-9 9 “Zeina” accompanies a  live  bellydance performance  
56 Tupac Shakur, “California Love” PL 4-10 10 Music video
56 Paul Desmond Quartet, “Wave” PL 4-11 10 Live performance featuring the composer of “Wave,” A. C. Jobim, and Herbie Hancock
56 “Hymn Visesei Church” – Fijian church hymn PL 4-12 11 Church choir from Fiji, live performance
56 Jaleo, “Taranta (El Ingles)” – flamenco PL 4-13 11 “Taranta” flamenco guitar tutorial
56 Kyoto Imperial Court Orchestra, “Manzairaku” – gagaku PL 4-14 11 Live performance
56 Chichun Chi-sun Lee, “Thgirbla .W”  PL 4-15 11 Live performance by Haiqiong Deng