Spotify Music Playlist and YouTube Videos

Chapter 8 Spotify Playlist

The table below lists, in order, all of the audio selections included on the Spotify Music Playlist for this chapter. It additionally includes cross-references to both page numbers in the textbook and slide numbers for PowerPoint lectures included in the Instructor’s Edition (not Student Edition) of the Online Learning Center, as well as links to complementary videos relating to the various playlist (PL) audio selections. Please note that the timelines and descriptions of specific musical selections included in the text pertain only to the audio tracks on the Spotify Playlist and not to the complementary videos. In other words, the textbook is directly tied to the Spotify audio tracks, but not to the complementary videos, which should be regarded as supplementary resources to the Spotify Playlist tracks.

Pages Track Title Spotify Playlist Number Power Point Slide Complementary Videos Relating to Spotify Audio Tracks
115-116     2 Ravi Shankar and Alla Rakha 
      2 Trailer from the film Raga: A Film Journey to the Soul of India
      4 Ancient Civilization: India:  Our Heritage, Our Pride — World Heritage Sites
123 Bhajan, “In Praise of Krishna” PL 8-1 4 Bhajan performance in Kerala, India
125 Shafqat Ali Khan, “Ishq (Love)” PL 8-2 4 Shafqat Ali Khan, live performance (singing starts at 0:55)
125 Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, “Tum Ek Gorakhdhanda Ho” (qawwali) PL 8-3 4 Live performance
126 Jasbir Jassi, “Kudi Kudi” (bhangra) PL 8-4 5 1. Music video 2. Another Jassi video from Bollywood film
128 Aruna Sairam, “Krishna Nee Begane” PL 8-5 6 Aruna Sairam, “Mamavathu Sri Saraswathi,” live performance
128 Bhimsen Joshi, “Raga Bhairavi” PL 8-6 6 Live performance
128 Karaikudi Subramaniam (vina) and Trichy Sankaran (mrdangam), “Sarasasamadana” PL 8-7 6 Vina (veena) and mrdangam
128 Trichy Sankaran, “Talavadya Kacceri in Khanda Eka Tala” – South Indian percussion (konnakol, mrdangam, kanjira) PL 8-8 6 South Indian percussion concert featuring Trichy Sankaran on mrdangam
151     8 Ravi Shankar and Alla Rakha live at Woodstock
132 Anoushka Shankar featuring Norah Jones, “Traces of You” PL 8-9   3 Music video
132 Ravi Shankar and Anoushka Shankar, “Bangalore Tilak Shyam” PL 8-10 3 Ravi and Anoushka Shankar concert, London, 1997
132 Ravi Shankar, “An Introduction to Indian Music” PL 8-11 9 Same audio for chapter Musical Guided Tour –
135 Ravi Shankar and Alla Rakha (Live at the Monterey International Pop Festival, 1967), “Dhun (Dadra and Fast Teental [Tintal])” PL 8-12 11 Live performance
135 Alla Rakha and Zakir Hussain, “Jugalbandi” PL 8-13 11  Live performance
135 Zakir Hussain, “Balinese Fantasy” PL 8-14 11  
135 Ali Akbar Khan (sarod), “Rag Yama Kalyan” PL 8-15 10 Live performance
136 N. Rajam (violin), “Thumri” PL 8-16 10 N. Rajam (violin), “Raag Miyan Ki Todi,” live performance
136 Raghunath Seth (bansuri), “Alap” PL 8-17 10 Live performance
136 Bismillah Khan (shahnai), “Raga Purbi” PL 8-18 10 Bismillah Khan, live performance
136 Ram Narayan (sarangi), “Raga Bairagi-Bhairav” PL 8-19 10 Ram Narayan, live performance
136 Bombay Dub Orchestra, “Monsoon Malabar” PL 8-20 10 Bombay Dub Orchestra in Germany, live performance (brief)
144 Ravi Shankar, “Raga Sindhi-Bhairavi” PL 8-21 17 Raga Sindhi (Sindhu) Bhairavi, live sarod performance by Rajeev Taranath
149 Ravi Shankar and Yehudi Menuhi, “Raga Piloo” (from West Meets East) PL 8-22 21 Indian Classical Music: Ravi Shankar, Alla Rakha, and Yehudi Menuhin live in concert
149 Ravi Shankar, “Fire Night,” from Improvisations (1962) PL 8-23 21  
149 John Coltrane, “India” PL 8-24 21 John Coltrane Quartet, “Impressions,” live performance
150 The Beatles, “Norwegian Wood” PL 8-25 22 Slide show
150 The Beatles, “Love You To” PL 8-26 22 Cover version of “Love You To,” recorded at Hard Rock Café, Toronto
150 The Beatles, “Within You, Without You” PL 8-27 22 The Magical Orchestra with guest Indian musicians performs “Within You, Without You”
150 The Rolling Stones, “Paint It, Black” PL 8-28 22 Live performance
151 Mahavishnu Orchestra, “Birds of Fire” PL 8-29 23 Live performance
152 Shakti, “Joy” PL 8-30 23 Live performance
154 A. R. Rahman with Zakir Hussain PL 8-31 25  
156 A. R. Rahman, “Jai Ho” PL 8-32 25 Music video   
156-158 A. R. Rahman/Shreya Ghoshal, “Barso Re” PL 8-33 26 Music video   Shreya Ghoshal, “Tere Bina,” music video