Recommended YouTube Videos

Bhangra Stage Performance
Good videography and sound, but the drum is not seen until later.

Captain Bhangra Da
Music video with cool mix and visuals.

From the 2006 Bollywood film Risk; a big dance number production.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Contemporary style.

Hindustani Classical Raga

The Gharana

Ravi Shankar
On the Dick Cavett Show.

Vishwa Mohan Bhatt
Playing the Mohan Vina.

Ram Bhajan

Shafqat Ali Khan

Ho Jaavey Je

Bhangra Songs
A series of Punjabi Bhangra songs.

Karnataka Music

Karnataka Music II

Sitar and Tabla

Bikram Ghosh
Explosive Tihai

Performed by John Coltrane.

Sitar Lessons
George Harrison’s sitar lessons with Ravi Shankar.

Raga to Rock
Sanjay Deshpande

John Mclaughlin and Shakti

Trilok Gurtu Tabla Solo
A. R. Rahman

Bollywood Music Video
A great example for large-scale dance numbers, costuming, and over-the-top scenes!

“Jai Ho”
The Pussycat Dolls performing A.R. Rahman’s “Jai Ho”

“Jai Ho”
A.R. Rahman’s 2009 Oscar after-party performance for best song.

Barso Re
From Guru; by A.R. Rahman.

Shreya Ghoshal

Mirchi Music Awards
Ghoshal performing at the Mirchi Music Awards in 2009.

Yeh Zindagi Usi Ki Hain