Recommended YouTube Videos

Sean Norman Ceili Band
A clip without dancing.

Fola Ceili Band
Performing hornpipes.

Sean Norman Ceili Band
Performing jigs; dancing couples.

Irish Session
Takes place in someone’s home.

“The Morning Thrush”
Seamus Ennis playing on uillean pipes; from a documentary with Ennis narrating and talking about his father.  A great clip!

Uillean Pipes
Seamus Ennis performing.

The Chieftains

Live Concert
Chieftains accompanied by an orchestra.

“The Dublin Reels”
Chieftains with step dancers (a couple); a nice, traditional video.

“Redemption Song”
Chieftains recording session video, with Ziggy Marley.

Chieftains with Earl Scruggs
Sean Nos

“Eleanor a Run”
A solo female song.

Brid Ni Mhaoilchiarain
A performance by a sean nos singer.

Naisrin Elsafty
Singing in sean nos style.

Assorted Performances

Irish Music Session in Clonmel

Sean Nos Singing

Gerard Coughlin on Irish Harp

James Kelly

Templehouse Ceili Band

Welcome Poor Paddy Home
Tin Whistle and Guitar

Mickey Dunne on Uillean Pipes

Guitar and Uillean Pipes

Irish Flute

Bodhran Drum Solo

Sinead O’Connor and The Chieftains

Irish Bouzouki

Celtic Dueling Violins

1970s – Planxty

On the Late Late Show


Live concert performance

“John Doherty’s Reels”
Decent quality; exciting live performance.


Live performance; good sound

Pipes and electric bass


Live, low quality

Eileen Ivers

Young Eileen Ivers


All Ireland Competition
Teenage Ivers performing