Recommended YouTube Videos

Javanese Gamelan
Accompanying dancing

From Mongolia

Rabbit Dance
Native American Rabbit Dance performed by couples.

Solo Male Dance
Solo male Traditional Dance performed at a Native American pow wow.

Miriam Makeba
Performing live

Escola de Samba
Samba-reggae style, from Brazil

Carnival in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Imperfect footage and sound.

Aboriginal Dance
Australian Aboriginal dancing

“Desert Rose”
A music video of Desert Rose, featuring Sting and Cheb Mami.

Shankar and Harrison
Famous lesson in which Ravi Shankar teaches George Harrison

Genghis Blues
Paul Pena performing with Kongar ol Ondar in concert footage from the film Genghis Blues

Women’s Balinese Gamelan
Performing with Dancer

Zaar Ritual
Poor sound quality, but a good example of movements

Peking Opera
Performance of Peking Opera

Women’s Gamelan

Beijing Opening Ceremonies
An example of music and nationalism.

Possession Ceremony

Re-enacted dances from Santeria.

Zaar Documentary

“The Lion Sleeps Tonight”

“High Water Blues”
Features a recording of Charlie Patton’s “High Water Blues.”