Recommended YouTube Videos

Wayang Kulit

Fun performance
Wayang performance by the late Bu Harni, Surakarta, noted female dalang: man vs. horse, man vs. bicycle.  A fun example.

Bima fights with an ogre

Bali and Beyond
A promotion of the American group Bali and beyond.  It has pretty good basic information about wayang kulit shows.

Malay Wayang
A different musical style and instrumentation than Javanese or Balinese wayang.  Includes English subtitles.

Children’s Wayang
Includes puppets made by children.

Wayang Kulit
With subtitles.

“Kecak Project”
Good footage of Kecak with a nice ‘soundtrack,’ but contains several cutaways to monkeys living in the jungle.

Wayang with Blessing
Poor sound quality, but contains interesting footage of a priest blessing performers with holy water.

Javanese Gamelan, Dance Dramas

Good Closeups
This performance is odd in that the instrumentalists are singing, but contains several useful closeups of gambang, slenthem, kendang, and other instruments.

Javanese Gamelan accompanying dance.

Ramayana Dance-Drama I
Javanese Ramyana dance-drama with gamelan accompaniment; part one.

Ramayana Dance-Drama II
Javanese Ramayana dance-drama with gamelan accompaniment; part two.

Javanese Court Gamelan
Various Balinese dances.

Baris dance
In Denpasar

Balinese boy dancing Baris.

Balinese women’s dance, produced by Aneka Records, Indonesia.

Kebyar Duduk
Classic tari lepas solo male dance piece from Bali.  “Sitting Kebyar,” 1920’s.  Original choreography by Maria.

Teruna Jaya
Kebyar/tari lepas classic created in the early 20th century.

Legong Lasem
The picture is blurry and the sound is soft, but it is a good performance of dancing and gamelan.

Legong dance
Takes place in Bali.

Good performance and sound, but the dancing doesn’t begin for some time.

Sanghyang Dedari


“Sekar Jupun”
An excellent example!  Kebyar example from JVC Video Anthology of World Music and Dance.

Gianyar Group
In kebyar competition in Bali.  Good performance, but the sound quality is weak.

Kreasi lelambatan
Performance takes place at a temple ceremony [odalan] in Pengosekan, Bali.

Children’s Group
Championship children’s group in 2005, Bali.

Same Children’s Group
Dance performance with gamelan.

Gamelan Gita Asmara
UBC gamelan with Michael Tenzer and IW Sudirana on kendang.

Gamelan Gong Kebyar

Gamelan Gong Kebyar with Dancer

Performance Technique

Gong and Kempul




“Kopi Dangdut”
Campur DKI

Live Dangdut Concert
Good Dangdut drum parts.

“Dangdut Abis”
Kristina; includes sitar in the mis!

“Dangdut Remix”
Erma Farany

Kroncong [extra, not discussed in text]

Minggat, Sonny Josz


Indo Pop

Indo Pop
Theme from an Indonesian movie.

“Semua Tentangmu”
By the band Overload Romance.

Bali pop Balinese slide show.  This is a tune ABOUT gamelan beleganjur in ogoh-ogoh procession with sampled beleganjur in the mix.  Awesome tie-in to chapter and its beleganjur focus!  Video sometimes freezes, however.

Mission Impossible

Gamelan X

Metal band with gamelan