Online Resources

Chapter 10—The River and the Path: Conversation and Collective Expression in West African Musics

Internet Resources

Initiated in 1997 as a platform for information and discussion on hip-hop from the African continent, the site provides news, a clickable map with information on the hip-hop scene by country, and links to other hip-hop sites, including radio sites.

African Music and Dance

Site created by C.K. Ladzekpo introducing several forms of West African music, with a foundation course on dance-drumming and material on sacred and secular music of the Ewe people.

Afropop Worldwide

A companion site for the public radio series Afropop Worldwide that covers musical traditions of Africa and the African Diaspora.  Provides audio and video links, information on countries, regions, and musical styles, and interviews and CD reviews.

Cora Connection

Established in 1996, this comprehensive site provides information on the kora and other West African instruments and traditions with narrative information, photographs, sound files, and links to artist websites.

A Guide to the Jembe

An excellent early article by Eric Charry on the history of the jembe (djembe) in West Africa.

James Koetting Ghana Field Recording Collection

A Brown University project to make field recordings by the late Africanist ethnomusicologist James Koetting available on the Web.  The collection includes recordings, field notes, photographs, and essays.