Online Resources

Chapter 13: A Musicultural History of the Chinese Zheng

Internet Resources

Cultural China

This huge website from China was initiated by the Shanghai News and Press Bureau and is maintained by private organizations. It includes links to descriptive information on Chinese music and musical instruments, dance, and theater, with audio and video links.

Guqin Silk String Zither

This site focuses on history, iconography, and performance techniques of the guqin (qin), a highly valued instrument in China. Includes bibliographic and discographic information. Constructed by guqin performer John Thompson.

Music and Art of China

Constructed by curator Ken Moore at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, this website provides an introduction to early music and musical instruments of China.

See also Ken Moore’s sites on the qin and the pipa.

Sounds of China

The Kennedy Center Arts Edge maintains audio and files that explore aspects of Chinese music. Included is music of the indigenous peoples of Yunnan, musical traditions of instruments such as the pipa and the qin, and traditional and contemporary musical ensembles.