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Chapter 3—How Music Works, Part I: Rhythm

Audiovisual Resources

The following audiovisual items are of particular relevance to this chapter. Portions or complete versions of these productions may be available via VOD (Video on Demand) providers as well as in their conventional DVD or VHS formats. Please see the Chapter 2 “Audiovisual Resources” section of this Online Learning Center for an extensive list of VOD providers.

Listening to the Silence: African Cross Rhythms. 1996. Films for the Humanities & Sciences. DVD. 33 mins.

Hosted by John Collins, this video introduces the music of Ghana, focusing especially on rhythmic expression in rural and urban music from children’s games to drumming and dancing events of the Ewe, Ashanti, Ga, and Frafra peoples.

Rhythm. 1999. Produced by Pacific Street Films and Educational Film Center. Annenberg Media. VHS and DVD. Available as streaming video from the Annenberg/CPB web site here. 30 minutes.

Examines rhythm in American marching band, North Indian tala, Japanese shakuhachi, West African drumming, and Afro-Cuban dance music traditions. This is part five of the Exploring the World of Music series of twelve 30-minute programs.