Online Resources

Chapter 12—From Baladi to Belly Dance: Rhythm, Dance, and Music in Egypt and Beyond

Internet Resources

Arab Culture and Civilization: Popular Culture and Performing Arts

A website with links to information on aspects of music, film, dance and theater in Arab culture. Includes links to scholarly articles on music, audio and video, and sites for additional information. This web project was initially sponsored by the National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education (NITLE) and is now an educational initiative of the Middle East Policy Council.

Arab Music

Well organized website with classified links to articles, overviews and musical samples. Information is sorted into the following categories: dance, instruments, melody and rhythm, music and Islam, music by country, musical genres, and Umm Kulthoum (Kulthum).

Arab Music: History and Evolution

An introduction to Arab music by Ali Jihad Racy and Jack Logan with historical information, an explanation of melodic and rhythmic modes, and musical instruments. Illustrated with photos and streaming video.

Maqam World

An educational website dedicated to helping musicians understand the maqam (modal) system used in Arab music. Includes notated, descriptive, and audio data on maqam and Arab rhythms as well as information on musical forms, instruments, and sources for further study and listening.